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Investment Seeker

World Business Council delivers Wall Street-level financial services to skyrocket your success by delivering critical fundraising and CFO solutions and putting your startup’s growth on autopilot.

Investment Package: Data Room Prep

At the World Business Council, our team boasts an extensive, collective background in assisting startups to secure investor interest and acquire the necessary funding for expansion. We present top-tier investment packages, designed to furnish investors with crucial insights for evaluating your enterprise swiftly and effectively.

The World Business Council recognizes the importance of capturing investor interest from the outset. Our tailored pitch decks are crafted to achieve this objective. Our expert team consists of seasoned research analysts with international investment banking expertise, Silicon Valley venture capitalists privy to the intricacies of fundraising, financial modelers holding CFAs, and copywriters experienced with prominent brands such as MasterCard. Our Cannes Lions award-winning graphic designers assemble each pitch deck, ensuring your message is communicated effectively.

We personalize every pitch deck to accentuate your company’s distinct value proposition, lucidly delineate the business’s objectives, and offer a comprehensive analysis of the pertinent market size, primary competitors, principal product(s), business model, executive team, and pertinent financials. Our objective is to present the most compelling portrait while delivering accurate, germane information to persuade investors, banks, and other potential financiers

A well-crafted business plan fulfills various essential functions. It serves as a crucial instrument for an organization’s success, acting as a roadmap for growth and as evidence for lenders or funding sources that the venture has been thoroughly contemplated and strategized. We specialize in the development of comprehensive, tailored business plans for both pre-revenue startups and established SMBs.

Each plan is constructed to address the key factors that banks and other lending institutions weigh when making decisions. These include an engaging executive summary, a precise and detailed company description, comprehensive information about the product(s) or service(s) provided, the target market, the firm’s distinct marketing approach, development objectives, operations, and the financial plan. Our experienced investment banking professionals, possessing global IB expertise, skillfully develop compelling business plans that effectively inform and entice potential investors.


Financial modeling holds paramount importance for startups and SMBs, serving multiple vital functions. These models enable accurate predictions of future performance, facilitating precise planning and resource allocation to bolster growth and scalability. Additionally, they play a crucial role in securing funds. However, devising precise financial models can be a complex task.

Our distinguished team of financial modelers, who hold CFAs and possess extensive experience in fields such as corporate banking and private equity, excel in crafting bespoke financial models. By leveraging venture capital insider expertise, we ensure your ability to attract the necessary capital for success. Our custom financial models encompass pro-forma financial statements, sensitivity and scenario analyses, a tailored dashboard, an assumptions page, and other critical components.

Business valuations are critical assessments that determine the worth of your organization, proving indispensable for startups and SMBs seeking funding through various channels such as venture capitalists, investment bankers, or equity crowdfunding.

Our skilled valuation specialists possess extensive experience in precisely evaluating businesses like yours. Our approach incorporates a minimum of three distinct valuation methodologies, ensuring accurate and reliable data on your business’s true value for you and potential investors or funders.

Utilizing multiple valuation techniques concurrently generates robust valuation reports that can be confidently defended. This empowers you to approach negotiations with prospective investors with assurance, ultimately securing the funds necessary to fuel your company’s future growth.

In today’s fast-paced world, investors often find themselves short on time. With numerous proposals competing for their attention, a comprehensive pitch deck may be too extensive for an initial review. This is where an investment teaser becomes an indispensable tool. These concise, one-page documents present crucial information prominently, allowing potential investors to quickly assess whether they wish to delve deeper into your business.

We create a one-page teaser that accentuates your company’s most appealing aspects, ranging from products or services to the leadership team and your capacity to innovate and outperform competitors. This teaser can be effectively utilized in various ways, including outreach email campaigns and more.

Startup - Investor Matching and Fundraising Campaign Management

Our proficient team is equipped to manage your fundraising requirements with utmost efficiency, allowing you to concentrate on your business operations while we expertly oversee the fundraising campaign. We focus exclusively on identifying the most suitable investors for your specific business.

Utilizing our proven matching capabilities, we select investors who align with your company’s profile, saving valuable time by eliminating the pursuit of incompatible investors and ensuring that you secure the most favorable deals.

Additionally, we execute investor outreach email campaigns on your behalf, incorporating custom-designed templates and comprehensive reporting, enabling you to streamline your fundraising efforts with ease.

Strategic guidance and CFO Solutions

Growing a prosperous business can be a daunting task. Prematurely expanding the C-suite can hinder progress and even jeopardize a company’s financial future. While executives play crucial roles, their salaries and benefits can be prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, there is an alternative when it comes to Chief Financial Officer (CFO) responsibilities.

At our company, we recognize the significance of experienced guidance in managing financial matters, while also understanding the budgetary constraints faced by startups and SMBs that may prevent hiring an in-house CFO.

We provide versatile, on-demand CFO services tailored to meet any requirement, ensuring your startup or SMB can proceed confidently. Our offerings include the following: • Monthly Budgeting and Forecasting • Financial Performance Reviews • Pricing and Compensation Guidance • Finance Team Recruitment Assistance

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