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Having trouble expanding your business or implementing your project? We can help you get business funding.


Are you encountering challenges in identifying and assessing prospective investment opportunities? Our team of experts is at your disposal to provide professional guidance and assistance in the realm of investment decision-making.



Deal room Docs

Investment Packaging: Data Room Prep

  • Pitch Deck
  • Business Plan
  • Financial Model
  • Startup Valuation
  • Investment Teaser
  • Technical Due Diligence 
  • Chart of Accounts Optimization
  • Market and Competitors analysis
  • Legal Review

Startup-Investor Matching

  • Investor profiling 
  • Businesss assessment and valuation
  • Deal sourcing and opportunity evaluation
  • Investment material review
  • Strategic investor introductions and networking
  • Assistance in negotiation and deal structuring
Fractional CFO

Fractional CFO

  • Financial strategy and planning
  • Cash flow management and forecasting
  • Custom financial modeling and scenario analysis
  • Financial management
  • reporting during and after fundraising
  • Take part in investor meetings
  • Leading the finance division of company

Financial Due Diligence

  • Deal Modeling and Valuation
  • Term Sheet Structuring
  • Due Diligence on Blockchain and Alternative Assets
Deal Sourcing

Deal Sourcing

  • Market research and analysis
  • Target identification and screening
  • Industry-specific opportunity sourcing
  • Deal origination and outreach
  • Co-investment and syndication opportunities
merger and Acquisition

M&A Advisory

  • Strategy development
  • Target identification and screening
  • Valuation analysis
  • Due diligence support and management
  • Deal structuring and negotiation
  • Financing and capital raising advisory


Funding Checklist

A comprehensive checklist for fundraising, detailing essential data for investor outreach, due diligence processes, deal negotiation, and post-deal closure actions.

Pitch Deck for an M&A

Explore our sample pitch deck, which showcases essential business aspects tackled in our mergers and acquisitions initiatives, providing a clear project framework.

Free Access to Investors

Discover valuable resources with our complimentary databases, offering a detailed list of active investors, essential for funding and networking opportunities.

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Crafting Your Investment Package for Success

Our distinguished team, featuring experienced international investment bankers, eminent venture capitalists, acclaimed copywriters, and skilled graphic designers, diligently assesses your unique requirements to develop a tailored investment package. This comprehensive package encompasses all essential components to ensure deal-readiness, including persuasive pitch decks, investment teasers, robust business plans, financial models, and valuations.



Investor Hunting

Our team meticulously evaluates your specific growth objectives to identify and select investors optimally suited to your project. By leveraging our proven investor-matching capabilities, we enhance the efficiency of the fundraising process in terms of both time and cost, ultimately maximizing investor interest in your venture.


Managing the Fundraising Process

Our team of experts remains by your side, overseeing the entire fundraising process on your behalf and providing vital solutions to propel your growth. We offer post-raise strategic guidance and fractional CFO services to ensure continued success in your business endeavors.



Understanding Your Distinct Investment Objectives

Initially, we devote the necessary time to familiarize ourselves with your unique financial circumstances and investment aspirations. Our goal is to align you with the most suitable investment opportunities by utilizing our exclusive deal-sourcing access and in-house investment analysis to present an array of well-matched options.



Executing a Customized Due Diligence Approach

Our team designs a tailored financial due diligence process, taking into account your specific role as an individual investor, venture capital provider, or small to medium-sized business or enterprise leader. We meticulously scrutinize every aspect of the deal, develop financial models for the opportunities, and assess their valuations to empower you to make the most informed and strategic decisions.


Handling the Complexities

Our team provides comprehensive support to save you from laborious examination of the minutiae, ensuring responsibility throughout the deal until its finalization. We manage all aspects of the transaction, from term sheet analysis and last-minute negotiations to founder meetings, allowing you to enjoy the outcomes without the burden of the intricate process.




More Capital to Raise

Our Duedeligince process before investment can boost your company's valuation and finance.
Our extensive experience in creating successful investment packages and our extensive relationships with investors, including large funding companies, allow us to maximize the amount you raise.

Lowered Financing Costs

Our Clients Pay Only 20% of the Price Charged by Investment Banks
Our team of seasoned venture capitalists, ex-investment bankers, award-winning writers, and illustrators provide services at a fraction of the cost of traditional investment banks, including pitch decks, investment teasers, financial models, and valuations.

Dedicated Account manager

All the headaches of dealing with the potential investors will be handled by your dedicated account manager.
Thanks to our highly-specialized team that crafts an exciting investment proposition for your business, and our proven investor-pairing algorithm that connects you only with pre-selected investors, we can close the funding round in 50% less time than average.

Limited Partener Sourcing

Our Clients Get three times higher deal flow
we specialize in aiding funds and venture capital firms in attracting limited partner (LP) capital. With a keen understanding of the fundraising landscape, our experts craft compelling narratives and strategies to effectively communicate the value proposition of our clients' funds.

Decreased Due Diligence Expenses

Lower your Due Diligence costs in the Middle East market.
Our streamlined approach and expert assistance enable clients to minimize expenses associated with the due diligence process, ensuring cost-efficient and timely investment decisions.
Checklist of Fundraising

Accelerated Assessment Process

Our Clients Get Startup Assessment Reports two times faster than the Average.
Thanks to our diverse team with profound experience across multiple industries and our startup-stage optimized initial assessment processes, we can build comprehensive assessment reports that cover all the critical areas of an investment opportunity in half the time.

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