World Business Council serves a wide variety of investors from all four corners of the world. We’ve worked with premier VC firms, angel investors, and more. We provide unique insight and vital assistance in analyzing and evaluating business investment opportunities.

Financial Due Diligence

Financial due diligence plays a crucial role in making well-informed investment decisions, catering to a variety of investors including individual investors, angel investors, venture capitalists, P2P lenders, and other institutional or retail investor types. Our in-depth analysis assists in making informed choices, mitigating risks, and fortifying your portfolio. Our esteemed team, featured in Forbes and comprised of investment bankers, former venture capitalists, and CFAs, manages the entire process on your behalf.

Investing in a business necessitates a comprehensive understanding of the organization across various dimensions. Although business valuations can provide some insights, they might not encompass all the particulars.

To assist you in making the most informed investment choices, we adopt the best practices employed by leading venture capital funds, encompassing contemporary leadership and growth opportunity evaluation frameworks.

This approach enables you to pinpoint potential areas for growth and enhancement while obtaining a lucid understanding of a company’s strengths and weaknesses.


Investment prospects arise frequently, but they vary significantly in quality. Making informed decisions rooted in precise information and forecasts of future performance is crucial.

Our team, comprising corporate bankers, investment bankers, and venture capitalists, provides top-tier investment opportunity modeling and valuation services. These services enable you to assess multiple investment alternatives, their short- and long-term potential, and their ultimate value to your organization.


Investments can often be impeded by establishing advantageous terms and conditions for your fund. Crafting optimal term sheets before signing an investment agreement can consume a significant amount of your team’s time. Although term sheets may not be legally binding, misunderstandings can lead to complications. We provide top-notch term sheet analysis and revision services to ensure that you consistently deliver the most suitable documents to companies.

Our team, which consists of corporate bankers, investment bankers, and venture capitalists, furnishes best-in-class investment opportunity modeling and valuation services. This support allows you to evaluate multiple investment alternatives, their short- and long-term potential, and their ultimate contribution to your organization.

Alternative asset classes can provide substantial value and functionality. Nevertheless, not all alternative asset classes are compatible with every business’s growth requirements.

Our team boasts extensive expertise in alternative asset management, enabling us to conduct comprehensive, professional assessments of non-traditional investment prospects. This includes thorough financial due diligence for blockchain-based initiatives.

Deal Sourcing

At World Business Council, we excel in matching you with premier investment opportunities, customized to align with your objectives and risk preferences. We have guided over 100 investors, including top venture capital firms and angel investors from 30 countries, in uncovering extraordinary investments.

Our renowned Forbes-featured team comprises former investment bankers, venture capitalists, and skilled corporate finance and research analysts, granting us exclusive deal-sourcing capabilities across a wide array of industries. This allows us to provide a threefold increase in deal flow.

Through strategic partnerships with intermediaries and the efforts of our dedicated in-house deal scouts, we promptly present the most advantageous deals to our partners.

Our foundation is built on the principle of identifying lucrative investment deals for investors. We understand the complexities of assessing investment prospects and deciding which ones to seize. We acknowledge that the majority of deals encountered may not offer genuine profit potential. By filtering out 99% of financing proposals that lack investability, we deliver only the finest investment opportunities, encompassing exceptional alternative asset investments that might have been previously undiscovered.

M&A Advisory

Navigating the complexities of an M&A transaction can be challenging. Mergers and acquisitions necessitate proper structuring and extensive analysis to determine the appropriate purchase price and considerations. Ascertaining the purchase price alone involves comparable company analysis, discounted cash flow analysis, and accretion/dilution analysis, among other steps.

Our proficient team provides M&A advisory services to help you correctly structure your transactions and guarantee that all aspects are managed effectively. We cover every facet of the M&A process, from valuation analysis to post-merger compliance management, ensuring an optimized experience for you.

Insights for Investors

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