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Social Marketing Expert for Custom Advertising monitoring Platform recommendation/ implementation: Remote

Job Description:

We are looking to hire an experienced Social Marketing Expert to help us develop and implement a custom advertising platform similar to CarGurus RPM (Relevant Partner Marketing) for our website.

Check the details here:


The ideal candidate should have a deep understanding of advertising strategies, customer behavior tracking, and experience working with multiple advertising channels.



      • – Develop/ introduce  a unified advertising platform that consolidates multiple advertising channels, including targeted display ads, paid search, third-party listings, social ads, and retargeting ads.
        – Implement customer behavior tracking and analysis to optimize ad targeting based on user search history and preferences.
        – Design and execute data-driven marketing campaigns to reach the right audience across various platforms, including popular websites and social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.
        – Collaborate closely with our team to integrate the advertising platform with our website and ensure seamless user experience.
        – Monitor and analyze campaign performance, providing regular reports and insights to optimize results and drive more traffic to our clients’ websites.


    This job opportunity is fully remote.

    To apply for this position, please click on the link below and complete the form:

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